Two Poyums For Japan

Date: Today of course
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Favourite Japanese Things
To the tune of Favourite Things from the film The Sound of Music
with apologies to Messrs. Rogers & Hammerstein (especially Messr. Hammerstein)

Raindrops on cherry blossom and whiskers on wise men,
Ceremonial tea bowls and big sumo-sized men,
Silver snow monkeys that bathe in hot springs;
These are a few of my favourite things.

When the rice spills through my chopsticks,
When my noodles slurp,
I casually mention my favourite things
And hope no-one heard

Favourite Japanese Things Revisited
(different tune)

Bamboo chimes like knocking blocks off,
Cherry blossom rocks my socks off.
If the windy weather's blowing
Looks like cherry blossom snowing.

Grannies stirring cups of teas,
Manga comics on my knees,
Teeny weeny bonsai trees,
Monks in meditation.

Hot-tub monkeys in the mountains,
One-rock gardens, gentle fountains,
Smiley people, Fuji-san;
Things I like about Japan.

You can have these poyums for free but if you enjoyed them, and if you can afford it, you might like to consider making a small donation to one of the many charities still helping in Japan after the Tsunami. Three possibles are:

and here's a Guardian page with links to some of the others.

But only if you can afford it. No pressure. No guilt.