Date: Today of course
The Smelly-Wellie-Tele-Graph

The Smelly Wellie Tele website first squelched into existence nearly ten years ago, in December 2001, but in all the time since then it hasn't really changed very much. (That's what it means on the front page where it says that Chik didn't change his wellies for nearly ten years. When you use words in that way it's called a metaphor. And if you carry on in the same way in the next sentence it's called an extended metaphor.)

It all started with a few poyums, the first three pages of a story called Jeannie McSpoon and the Custard from Outer Space, ten jokes, and some general silliness for fairly young children round about 7 or 8 years old. However, Chik isn't very prolific (that means he only writes tens of thousands of words rather than millions) and so he didn't really have many more poyums or stories to add. He did tinker with the site a wee bit every now and then, as he learned new Web Design things, but really his poor wellies were starting to feel very neglected.

And so now, in September/October 2011, has been given a right good shake, turned upside down and bounced on its head. Or in other words, it's been completely re-designed.

Apart from the radically different new "Broadsheet" style layout, the biggest change is that a lot of the writing might be a wee bit difficult for younger children to understand. And if this means that they have to ask for explanations from older children and adults who then spend a few minutes discussing it with them...

... ya beauty!

The design of has been turned upside down and bounced on its head, a bit like this:

a man bouncing upside down saying ooyaa

(hint: try holding the button down for a moment.)